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THE JAMES Whale Radio Show celebrates 40 years on the air next year and is shaking the airwaves

more than ever with Britain’s fastest growing podcast.

James’ cult show is now beaming out from on-line radio stations and websites and reaching every corner of the UK.

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In just six weeks, James managed to overtake Chris Evans, Graham Norton and Jeremy Vine in the

influential iTune podcast ratings.

His meteoric rise is partly due to the legacy of loyal listeners who have been tuning into his unique

acerbic, incisive style since he became a hit with his full and frank style in 1974.

Since then, he has taken his show from Metro Radio in the north east, via the BBC, ITV, Talksport and

LBC – where he tripled the ratings on their drivetime show in four years.

But everywhere he goes, he also recruits an army of brand new, younger listeners with his strong –

and sometimes confrontational – views on current events.

Every week, he is joined by Rob Oldfield, whose deadpan wit is the perfect foil for James’ well

known exuberance!

Currently James is presenting on many stations such as BBC Radio Kent, BBC Three Counties Radio,

BBC Radio WM and BBC Radio Berkshire.

He is also seen reviewing the papers on SKY News most Thursday mornings and occasionally on ITV’s

This Morning and Daybreak.

It’s no wonder James has one of the most recognisable voices on the air.

The James Whale Radio show started podcasting at weekends from , the artistes’

showreel website, in October and has enjoyed a spectacular success.

It was swiftly picked up by the on-line radio show and is a big hit on YouTube and


The show features guests, argument, views, music and laughter and is produced in broadcast quality

by Robosoft Media.

The show also occasionally features a running video of James podcasting from his studio.

Rob Oldfield, the producer and co-presenter, said: “James was cutting edge when he introduced us

to his outspoken style in the 70s. And he is cutting edge now with his new podcast, interacting with

his listeners on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to James’ loyal listeners, the show is proving a really

big hit.”