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Almost a celebrity

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“Almost a Celebrity” is the no-holds-barred autobiography of radio megastar James Whale, a man who, for over thirty years, has never been afraid to say the unsayable. In his typically deadpan style, “Almost a Celebrity” charts James’ rise to the top – with plenty of trademark rants along the way – from his Surrey childhood, where he avoided school by hanging out in Soho strip joints, through his humble beginnings in local radio, via the self-titled TV show which made his name, to his current status as late-night king of the airwaves. Throughout his life, James has never been a stranger to controversy. His outspoken opinions have led to numerous TV and radio watchdog enquiries, death threats, and even his arrest. In 2000, he confronted his toughest opponent so far, when he was diagnosed with cancer and given only months to live. An inspiration to millions, James Whale is a genuine man of the people. And – as usual – there’s no stopping him from telling his story in his own entertaining, inimitable way.


5.0 out of 5 stars One of Britain’s Most Outspoken Late Night Talk Show Hosts 15 Dec 2007


If you have ever listened to James Whale on the radio, this book does not dissappoint. With strong opinions, this book talks about his lifetime and career, including his diagnosis with illness and how he came through it. With an excellent forward by Chris Moyles, who, like me, listened to James Whale on Radio Aire in the 1980′s – sometimes underneath the bedsheats – this is an excellent read. Unwrap it, read it and underneath the hard exteria you will find a soft centred man.